Praise & Press

The Advertising Show

Interviews me about unexpected prices.

Wharton School of Business

“Porter skillfully blends economics and existentialism in his discussions of how prices are negotiated.”


My illustrated interview with Steve Brodner about income inequality on “Need to Know.”

La Voz de Galicia

Interview: Cada una de nuestras decisiones tiene un precio.


“Each exploration is at once thoughtful, detailed and fascinating.”

TV Globo

Lucia Guimaraes interviews me about The Price of Everything.

BBC World Service

Business Daily asks me about the price of life (At the 6’50” mark)

The Huffington Post

Art Brodsky reviews The Price of Everything: The lesson of Porter’s book is a valuable one.

Inside Higher Ed

The Price of Everything: a great addition to an introductory economics course, writes Dartmouth’s Joshua Kim.


The price of Everything is on the Pat Morrison show.

The Harvard Business Review

The Price of Everything is both “entertaining and important,” writes Tim Sullivan. “Porter offers us a shiny new lens for understanding the relationships around us that we too often fail to see.”


I was interviewed on Poptech about the price of education in India, fertilizer in Kenya and human life in Zimbabwe.

The New York Times Book Review

Megan Buskey writes: “At a time of seemingly proliferating risks, though, Porter’s searching book is a welcome reminder of the necessity of prudent decision making.”

The Washington Post

Is fascinated by the “Freakonomics-like narrative” of The Price of Everything.

ESPN Radio

I discuss the price of sport stars with Jeremy Schaap of “The Sporting Life.”

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna

In Polish.


A conversation with David Leonhardt about the price of faith, life and airfare.


Wisconsin Public Radio’s Joy Cardin interviews me about The Price of Everything. Download the show here.

The Conference Board Review

A great interview with Vadim Liberman about The Price of Everything.

Motley Fool Money

Fun interview (starts about halfway through the show.)


Maria Armoudian interviews me about the price of superstars on The Insighters (at the 9′ 20” mark)


I talk about The Price of Everything on Brainstormin‘.

The New York Post

Trying to make sense of New York prices.

The Associated Press

Laura Impellizzeri writes: “Eduardo Porter offers an engaging rumination proving the adage that everything has its price. And he means everything: work, women, even faith and the future.”

The Sunday Times (London)

Danny Fortson writes: “the accessibility of his prose carries us along. And nothing escapes his gaze.” (No link)

The Takeaway

I was interviewed by Celeste Headlee and John Hockenberry.


I chatted with Kai Ryssdal about prices.

New Hampshire Public Radio

Interviewed by Virginia Prescott.


Interviewed by Dan Gross.

Personal Branding

Dan Schawbel interviews me about The Price of Everything.

Bloomberg Radio

Interviewed on The Hays Advantage. (The Interview is about 12 minutes and 20 seconds into the podcast.)


Hear me discussing The Price of Everything on the Leonard Lopate show.


Diane Rehm interviewed me about The Price of Everything.


The folks at Squawk Box interview me about The Price of Everything

Bloomberg News

The Price of Everything  is an “energetic tour of the daily cost-benefit analysis called life.”

The Globe and Mail

“Why we spend what we do.”

The Maddow Blog

The Price of Everything ponders “the mystery of American unhappiness.”

The Toronto Star

The Price of Everything explores “the mysteries of a crazy little thing called price.”

The Huffington Post

Weird and wonderful prices discovered in The Price of Everything.

“Eduardo Porter unlocks the economic puzzles of daily life like a master safe cracker.  The Price of Everything is clever, stylish, and full of surprising insights.  In other words, priceless.”
Sylvia Nasar, author of A Beautiful Mind and Grand Pursuit

“Porter’s book is an enthralling look at the prices we put, consciously and unconsciously, on everything from a gallon of gas to a spare kidney. Everyone could learn something from this wise and clever book. I did.”
Tim Harford, author of The Undercover Economist

“Everything in the world comes with a price, but what does a price mean and how is it set? This riveting narrative is the best book on these very human and very important questions. There is an interesting nugget on virtually every page.”
Tyler Cowen, co-author of the Marginal Revolution blog

“A fascinating journey through what we see every day—but do not think about enough. Eduardo Porter makes you think hard about the corporate interests at work behind the veil of prices (and much more). Just because people are willing to pay does not mean that the price is right—in any sense of the word.”
Simon Johnson, co-author of 13 Bankers and professor of entrepreneurship, MIT Sloan School of Management

“Porter discusses the role of economic value not only in determining the cost of a premium cup of coffee, but also in how much different individuals and society are willing to pay to reduce the likelihood of death from, say, disease or car accidents, and even the economic logic behind who marries whom and bargaining between the sexes in marriages. I highly recommend this book to everyone who would like an often amusing and yet highly insightful discussion of how choices are made essentially over the whole range of human behavior.”
Gary Becker, economist and Nobel laureate

“Price, an ‘unacknowledged legislator’ of human behavior, has found its poet in Eduardo Porter. The Price of Everything is a wise, illuminating, and necessary book.”
Tom Vanderbilt, author of Traffic

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